What to make in the face of the localised adiposity

In the face of the adiposity localized in first instance, you are to change the alimentary behavior.

Not it is room for doubt that, to get off weight it should be appealed so much to the decrease of the caloric intake, like to the increment of the physical activity. But, when the adiposity, for smaller than they are, they are localised, you also suit to take some linked other recaudos to the alimentary behavior and the selection of the foods.

For ésto, in the mentioned cases we recommend you that you support the modifications in the selection of foods with the physical corresponding activity and that you always control the intake of fat because:

- They are the products that have the most concentrated calories.

- You suit to choose them for your fatty acids. The most beneficent are the monounsaturated ones to benefit the cardiovascular operation. The olive oil and that of canola contains them for example.

- Many edible fats, as for example margarines, lards and mayonnaise, beyond your calories or your varieties light, they should not be chosen as substitutes of the original products by your contributions of sodium, preservatives and preservatives (mainly in the case of the mayonnaise).

- As dressing of salads and vegetables he/she always prefers the juice of fresh lemon.

- When you arm your foods throughout the day, have present that one of the foods of the day should be made based on flesh and vegetables (with the menu that you choose); and the other one suits that you are only based on varied vegetables or to vegetables and pastas, to cereals or vegetables. If this unites cn a fruit, the results will be excellent.

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