How to be thin in winter

The cold may be synonymous with foods that fatten ... but instead coserte mouth, you should try a regime are realistic and deprivation, allowing you to maintain your figure without falling into temptations. Follow these tips.

The first thing you have to think, is to adopt a new attitude toward your food and elimination calories without losing the desire to eat. If you follow a strict regime, non-fat sugar-free 24 hours a day, it's likely that soon lose motivation. You should instead choose two days a week where you can enjoy meals normally prohibited. Certainly over the weekend, is more likely to eat out or go to parties. The great thing about this strategy is that in this way you do not feel deprived and then you do not uncontrolled.

Another important point to mention is that devour food to hurry can throw overboard for all your efforts. Since its start to chew, your brain takes 20 minutes to recognize that you are satisfied. Therefore, if your lunch Trager at full speed, it's likely they eat more calories of you need to feel satisfied. In other words: the speed slows down to eat!

Most likely, in your mind there is more than just a meal that fascinates you. If you can not resist these delicacies, be sure to accompany them with healthy foods like salads, descremados dairy, lean meats and fruits. Then at the same time that you take a taste, you're giving your body the whole range of nutrients it needs.

The noodles and pasta are economic, rich and easy to cook, so there is no doubt that they are always at our table. But if you exceed these kinds of products, you could end up accumulating a few unwanted pounds. It's OK to eat until 3 times a week. If meal consumes more frequently to the latter, you will fill your body with carbohydrates that do not have any kind of vitamins.

Another tip is that no longer follow the slogan that your mother you to take small, "empty your plate." Despite the fact that many restaurants serve portions that are double what is appropriate for a person who is on a diet, many find it difficult to pull the spare. But if we pass the blame, and at the end of each leave a little food on the plate, you will achieve more aware of calories they consume. And if your education is preventing you from wasting food, directly sírvete the appropriate amount.

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