Tips to burn calories

In addition to proper conduct to eat in order to burn sufficient calories you need to exercise. But in addition, you must take into account the following things:

1 - It's good to break the routine practice for many years if the same aerobic routine for example, is unlikely to lose more kilos because your muscles are used to always perform the same movements. To do this, try different routines: one day bike fixed, other weights, another tape, and so on.
2 - Be sure to eat protein. You must reduce carbohydrates and increase protein in your diet. The proteins are more complex chemically, so we need more energy from your digestive system to absorb them.
3 - The more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism will be, whether you're exercising or quedándote in bed.
4 - The movements that have those people as a nervous tic, like screwing hair with your fingers, give blows on the floor with his feet, among others, also help burn calories according to scientific studies. Therefore, those people will Restless easier to lose weight.
5 - The more alcohol outlets, fat accumulates in your liver rather than move throughout the body for use as energy. We must then limit the intake of alcohol to one unit per day.
6 - Physical exercise at intervals can accelerate the pace on your metabolism. If you like running on the tape, you can do it for 10 minutes at your usual pace. Then the speed increases so that you pretty tired.
7 - You can eat more often daily, not just doing the four basic foods. Rather than eat four meals abundant, may be split up into seven or eight.
8 - It is necessary also to sleep well. When you're very tired, your body lacks the energy needed to function normally, and that includes the actual calories burned.
9 - If you like coffee, you're lucky! Caffeine accelerates the speed of your metabolism. Anyway, you should care how much you eat per day.
10 - Duty much water is essential. Your organs from the brain to the liver or your eyes need water to function properly. That means that when you're dehydrated, your metabolism can not burn fat with efucacia.

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Jo said...

Thanks for posting these tips. Protein is a big help for myself. Also, water is very beneficial for burning calories.