How to care for your partner

Most men, when disagrees with something or dislike something you do not show. So you must be careful to give you mind if your partner is not enjoying full. To that end, we offer a list of tips. If your union is satisfactory and lasting.

1 - Do not stop being special. In the initial stage of your relationship, your man is in your head all the time. Then you can not avoid the need to do little things to show that you think of him day and night, as bring breakfast to bed, buy his favorite candy, write letters and so forth. But as time passes and the status of permanent idyll begins to waver and to be covered by real-world responsibilities. It is understood that you have priorities, but it is very important to follow your man in love with you and continue to feel special. For this we need great things not only with small details before tapeworms will be more than enough.

2 - Another way to marvel at your man, though a bit more expensive than the previous one, is that often, so you get to walk him. So, I suggest dining out or where you happen to know that he loves and you pay. It is entirely logical that the men will like consentirte and make love to spend a good time. But ... once settled in a relationship, need to feel that they are not advantages with one above the other, and obviously it will fascinate you feel pampered for once.

3 - In the first phase of falling in love addition, all women tend to merge into praise for her partner. But then ... his Romeo becomes a "compañerito more." What is not good for nothing: all the boyfriends of the world will do well the blandishments. Perhaps often think that know what you think about it, but if your style is very cold, probably the message that he is coming to you and that you are no longer so impressed as before ...

4 - Always records all those little things that make for you. Before strong safety until tiredness thank all the details that had to you. But now, as you've grown accustomed to everything good that he can give because of you, instead of thank you if you do not have complaints. Therefore, each time you exit your routine to do something special for you, no matter how small, agradécelo and indeed, devuélvele the favor.

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