When he does not want sex and you die of desire!

If your bonbon was recently excites more with a football match that with your new underwear, may have a downturn sex is a very common problem, and often, this discrepancy in the level of desire can make women feel stressed and up to ask if your partner still considers desirable.

Here you have what it is and of course, how to overcome this issue ...

One of the most important points is that through the media either film, television and others, always shows the man as he is constantly in heat, wanting sex and others. This is totally wrong, because libido is influenced by a series of psychophysical factors, it can change from day to night, from month to month and from year to year. For men, there are many reasons for not wanting to make love to women. So, if ever your partner does not feel like, take it in a natural way, not you feel responsible for that decision.

Another important point is that after some time has passed since the relationship, the urgency for having sex may be diminished, which is also very normal.

However, what it would be worrying is that there is an obvious disparity in the level of desire, for example, that he wants to make love less than half the time as you. In this case it'll have to investigate the causes for which has decreased their interest.

To know that it may be happening in bed, you must first begin to investigate who is going beyond. It should be borne in mind that anything that raises their nervousness, automatically reduces their libido, as the physiology of sex, requires a deep relaxation. Therefore, if your man is concerned about anything, his body never reach the level of tension required to have sex.

You must also bear in mind that a certain class of medicines such as antidepressants, can make your partner has less desire than usual. Or a decline in the level of tetosterona, which is rare, but entirely possible.

In order to deal with all this, and also raise their libido, when you talk to him about this issue, Save the allegations and comments with double meaning, since undoubtedly greatly complicated the situation further. Indeed, he probably aware that you are not satisfied with his performance in bed, put on guard and the third world war breaks out! Or worse still, become depressed more! We must take subtle techniques such as massage to relax and talk or power there seize the moment so you do not feel that it has no geese. You must pay attention to the times of day when he usually has more desire, it is also important, as if it is given the pattern that you can now relax because they're comfortable. Ábrete their suggestions, if he has not fantasies and urges contártelas. And of course, muéstrate ready.

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