How to cause a good impression?

Ever heard this sentence: "The first impression counts"? It is absolutely certain! Causing a good impression and ensure social success, is an issue on which factors interrelated. The keys are few, but essential. Follow these tips and triumph.

1 - in a first instance'll enhance your personality. That you will, taking into account:
- Acceptance of yourself
- The balance and emotional self -
- Tolerance to frustration
- The sense of responsibility
- The ability to adapt
- Independence
- The criteria and ethical values stable
- The spontaneity and naturalness
- The perseverance and patience

2 - is also essential that enhance your physical appearance. How?
Taking a weight-moderated according to your height
- Expressing a sense of cleanliness and general hygiene
- If you're a woman, have a makeup appropriate for the situation
- You must also have a healthy skin colour
- The simplicity and elegance of your clothing is essential
- You must use quality fabrics and clothing and with a good multipurpose court
- And of course, you must keep in mind the austerity in supplements.

3 - What we must avoid is:
- The impatience and immediacy
- The lack of constancy
- The irresponsible behaviour
- The lack of realistic approaches
The low-control impulses
- The difficulty in accepting the flaws and limitations
- Reliance
- The criteria and values unstable

4 - than ever but you should never represent:
- The lack of hygiene in general
Too much makeup-if you're a woman and also over perfume
- Caer in disguise when it comes to dressing
Go-marking curves in excess
- Choosing to barroquismo on clothing and gadgets
- Abuse of gems and jewellery denoting poor quality

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