How to disguise your lips?

The lips, no doubt, are one of the sexiest parts of women. We offer tips to keep in mind when it comes to makeup depending on the type of lips that one holds. Follow the directions and you'll see the results.

Boca without relief
In this case, should be applied in the first instance a foundation makeup. In doing so, we must enlarge the contour lip and then move on to draw with a pencil profiles in a clear tone. To fill the lip, you can opt for a bar or lip by the same profile, we can extend the finger carefully. It is advisable to use tones clearer in the center and darker side.

Lips thick
When we are faced with some very thick lips, when makeup we bear in mind that already is some very sensual lips. Therefore, it is sufficient to disguise the base and painted matte and lusterless.

Lips mixed.
In this case must use a slightly darker tone on the lip thicker, and another a little clearer on the other lip, with the aim of unifying them. You can also resort to draw the outlines broader lip thinner, apply based on the entire surface of both lips and then paint.

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