How to control

The following advice can achieve you to find affective containment in your own being's bottom. We propose you methods for the suitable management of your moving world.

The purity of the pansy, so searched to end with the prejudices and the hypocrisy, it can behave to the other end. You remember that the person that are helped itself is moderate, you spread to the half term.

You are fundamental to know and to understand that to face with courage the obstacles that arise of the life, promotes the interior peace.

Keep in mind that you are not richer the one that more has, but which fewer need. The accept of what happen us in each moment, without seeking that the things are always better to how they show up, you grant us an extra energy to be able to continue ahead.

You are in an excellent way of replacing the negative behaviors embedded during years, and that they have not made another thing that to behave to destructive decisions.

You are hour of realizing that you are not what are said internally that you are. You speak to yourself and describe you mentally in a more respectful and more affective way.

To await the suitable moment for the action, to know how to wait, they are points to work. The war against the anxiety and the insecurity, is the foundation from where the self-esteem is built.

The challenge is to feel the things, instead of thinking them so much. You prove without analyzing, you date account of what you feel really in front of the circumstances.

A contemplative impartial attitude will make you to arise your interior witness, a wiser and more resistant look to the problems that the look of your social personality.

Once you have cheered up to accept your mania of culturing exaggerated pretenses for all the things, you focus your humorous part. They are moments of clarity in those that you can observe yourself I eat through the eyes of another person, and this way to understand to what extent you are exaggerating with the obsessive search of the excellence. You are about laughing at oneself in an understanding way and autosuperadora. We will be glimpsing this way much more intelligent forms of reacting that the infantile one "demands that everything is as me I want."

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