How to recover from an attack to the liver

If you already ate all that you didn't should and now you begin to feel the consequences; you can no longer return behind, and the attack to the liver is more and more imminent.

Which is the best advice? A detoxifying diet. You follow these steps:

1- In the first place it is necessary to maintain a day of fast.
2- Then you can begin with light foods as for example: mashed potatoes, zapallo puree, boiled rice, milky descremados, chicken boiled without skin, and boiled (not those of sheet) vegetables.
3- It can take dietetic drinks of file lemon, but not gaseous of those of type queue.
4- You are fundamental to delete the alcohol. Mainly in the specific case of the toxic hepatitis or of another origin. Let us remember that the woman is more sensitive to the alcohol than the man, that is to say that just by ingesting practically half of that quantity she already has probabilities of unchaining a hepatic illness. This difference in the metabolización of the alcohol is probably due to hormonal reasons.
5- The pungent ones and the foods should be avoided with very elaborated sauce.
6- You are to forget completely for a while, of the fats and of the fritters. These could cause the contraction of the blister, increasing the colic.
7- The most probable thing, is that you are able to recover in two or three days; however, the most advisable is to extend the cares during one week.

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