The ideal light - Feng Shui

The house in which live according to Feng Shui, reflective your personality as well as that of people that you/they inhabit her. Better lights and a visually highlighted environment, often they have for effect to refresh the interest and the optimism of who you/they inhabit it. The rhythms of light and darkness cause different reactions in the body: they induce the secretion of hormones in the sanguine flow, they dilate the blood vessels and they increase the flow.

We offer you a list of advice so that you can illuminate each room of your home well.

Living and Dining Room:
In this room, they will have facilities of light for all the different activities that there are carried out, with the brilliance and the necessary intensity according to the moment. You follow these instructions:
- For the readout, a relatively high illumination is required. The correct quantity depends on the reader's age. The traditional foot lamp with your simplicity, is excellent, since it provides abundant light up and you allow a comfortable readout at little distance.
- In the case of the write, we know well that the act of writing demands an appropriate illumination so much local as environmental. In the case of the local one it will be relatively efficient, since the shades will be smaller and of softer contours.
- For the conversation, the light will facilitate the visual contact and to model the faces in a pleasant way. For it, you should come of more than an address, what will favor the necessary harmony in a place of being.
- Television: to look at TV, the darkness is very cansadora for the view. For ésto it is necessary to arrange a light on the same television, or near the same one.

You cook:
The kitchen is an encounter place, therefore the illumination should create a pleasant and welcoming environment. You are also about a small shop and as such, you require of a good level of illumination on the work areas. You are indispensable to increase the surety when cooking, to manage electric apparatuses, to cut, to itch and other. All the lamps should have a pointer of playback of high color.

For many women the bathroom is the favorite room to put on makeup. Therefore it is fundamental to distinguish with clarity the colors. In general it reaches with the local illumination of the mirror as much for the makeup as for the shaving of the men. The light should be in front of the person and never up neither directed toward the mirror, since from there it will produce inadequate shades. As for the general illumination, you will cross the curtain or screen of the shower. To arrange lights dicroicas in the bathroom is not correct, since your intensity is such that at short distances enceguecen.

Fields in passing:
So much gates, hall, lanes, stairways and pauses; they should provide a comprehensive illumination, without dazzle. These places are the most favorable so that they happen accidents, for what the little vision is not good. Not it is necessary to scant in these spaces when of the light it is.

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