How to protect the vision in the work

The visual problems that accompany to the intensive use of the computers, affect many people. The work makes that we fix our look in the screen of the computer during a long time period every day, what tire too much the view.

The immediate consequence is that the eyes begin to dry off, the view you blurred restitution, we suffer headaches and neck, and we are overworked in an immediate way.

When happening ésto, we make an effort in seeing in an excellent way to as we came him making, and for it, we begin to use other muscles of muscles like for example those of the forehead nape and shoulders, causing pressures and subsequently contractures.

For all ésto it is recommended to make a series of small spans amid the labor task, and this way to be able to release the musculature of the eyes of the excesses of pressure, already ea frequently closing them, or covering them with the hands.

Next, we offer you some advice so that you protect your view in front of the screen of the computer.

- You use a glass filter or of plastic of high quality in the computer, to avoid the reflections of the light. Evita those filters carried out with cloth or network.

- You use a lectern to sustain documents or books. Locate it near the screen.

- You locate the screen below about 20 more grades of the level of the eyes.

- The screen should be at a distance from 40 to 75 cm of your eyes.

- Evita the very brilliant light above your head, especially if you are fluorescent.

- You take your look of the screen from 5 to 10 seconds, every 10 minutes.

- The monitors with darker letters on more luminous bottom are much easier of reading.

- The screens of can resolution reduce the visual pressure.

- You darken the room shutdowning some lights or covering the windows with a screen. You locate your work place in right angle with the window that this is not neither you face neither behind the computer.

- You consult with your oculist if you beneficiary to use special glasses for the computer, stiller if you use bifocal.

- Get used to blink followed and regularly.

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