The lipsticks mark your personality

Although you seem incredible, the form in that a woman spends your labial pencil allows to show some features of your character.

You observe this list and face the comparisons.

The diagonal:
If a woman spends the tip of your labial one in form diagonal, you point out that you are intrepid, creative and direct. This form of spending the lipsticks, is characteristic of the leaders creams and of people with excellent memory.

Woman's type, lives obsessed by the details. You are very attentive with the other ones that you/they find it amusing and you make happy. You are about a very methodical woman that know what want of the life exactly.

The woman that spend your labial in an oval way, is a fascinating woman, lover of the beauty, intelligent, romantic, something distant, but very demanding.

With slots:
Apparently, this you are a searching woman of pleasures, but you are very serious in the bottom. Your personality is divided between the satisfaction and the adventure desire. You are a generous woman with your friends, hot and sincere.

This woman has a theatrical personality and something "chic." He is attracted by the elegant places and the expensive clothes. However, before anything owner your freedom.

You make all the possible one to satisfy those that surround you. This woman without place to doubts, is extremely sensitive, affectionate and vivacious.

You are about a very ambitious, resolved and persevering woman. This woman, avoids the superficial thing and you go directly to the grain. You have a very positive character.

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