Mental exercise - Lazy they celebrate!

A new studio seems to indicate that you can develop your musculature just by thinking of the exercise.

Guang yue, physiologist of the exercise in the clinical foundation of Cleveland, Ohio, put to 10 healthy volunteers to imagine that lifted weights and flexionaban the elbows and the little fingers during 15 minutes a day.

3 months later, the force of the elbows of the 10 volunteers had increased 13,5%, and the force of the little fingers, 35%.
The studio involves that the force of a mísculo can increase just by sending you a stronger signal of the brain.

Yue points out that the benefits of the imaginary exercise are not compared with those of the actual exercise:
cardiovascular health, usage of calories, flexibility and you force, but you think that he/she can help those people that recover of an apoplexy.

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