Problems in the nails

How are your nails? At some time you have started to observe them attentively?. According to the aspect of your nails, they reveal your person's features. You pay carefulness to these observations and you will also know how to treat them so that they are very well.

Dry and brittle nails
This class of nails can point out a power supply lack. You are necessary then, to reestablish an equalized régime, rich in vitamins, iron, match and other oligoelementos; the dry vegetables, the fruits and the fishes are very important.
In this case you never submerge them in detergent and less in hot water. The treatment for these nails is the following one:
- Evita the contact with the detergents. Have two pairs of gloves for the tasks of the home: some of cotton and other rubber one, since the permanent contact with the rubber spreads to soften the nails.
- To the long of the day, wash your hands with very cold water or, with some solution that he/she don't need of water.
- Also, be careful with the acetone, since to use it more than once per week it predisposes the quebraduras.

Grooved nails.
The streaks are more or less furrows marked that are drawn on the surface of the nails, in a longitudinal or crosswise way. They can appear like a deep (you groove only) depression that sweep the nail in the sense of your width and that you often denote, a recent schock of health or of inflammatory buds if the streaks are multiple.
The tic of constantly cleaning the epidermis in this case, believe depressions and concentric streaks. The treatment for this class of nails is this:
- To pair the nails, you are preferable to toss hand to a file of cardboard of fine grain that to the pliers or steel files.
- To paint them offers a very effective protection against the aggressions.

Nails that change color
In case they are pale, they can denote an anaemia that, of course, a physician should confirm by means of a blood test.
Now then, if they are xanthic, they are characteristic of the smokers. But the enamels of nails, mainly some transparent products, also cause that effect.
The treatment in this case is the following one:
- You apply a base layer before arranging the enamel. If the dysfunction persists, you change product.

Deformed nails
If they are wide and bombé in the sense of your width, your long one or in your group, you sometimes mean a pulmonary, digestive or sanguine affection. You are about a vitamin C (mainly among the big smokers) lack. Deformations of this class can translate a bad operation of the gland thyroid. Also, to cut, to round or to try improperly to the epidermis; you will give some alteration as a result in the physiognomy and the quality of the nails. As for the treatment in this case, you are the following one:
- Lima the use of the scissors and other manicuring supports.

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