Sex - Council so that your first time is a pleasing memory

So that your first sexual test transforms into a pleasing memory, here some suggestions go, especially, for the youths.

- Always have present that the virginity is not a shame.

- You follow the own rhythm, and you don't make it before being willing and convinced. You have to wait your own times and to respect them.

- You wait to have a couple with which you really want to share this first sexual test.

- Before anything, uses a birth-control sure and appropriate method. You are a myth according to which a youth cannot be pregnant the first time. That is absolutely dummy! So many possibilities exist of being embarrassed in to you prevailed like in any other time.

- Allow you enough time for the loving previous games: caresses and touches.

- In general, the first time is not perfect, neither so romantic as you are counted in the novels or in the movies. The results are not spectacular. You take us time to know the body of the other one and to be able to together to feel comfortable.

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