Society with overweight

In the developed countries, the obesity has transformed into a disturbing phenomenon, due to your pernicious effects for the health. If one keeps in mind that a person is obese when more than a room of your corporal mass you/he/she is formed by fat, then about 200 millions exist in the world of fat. Of them, five millions live in our country. But the figure doesn't seem to stop here.

In the VII International Congress on the Obesity that took place at the end of last year in the Canadian city of Toronto, the nutritionists alerted that in the last decade the number of people with excess of weight had increased a 30 for 100 in the industrialized countries. For example, in United States, where you are considered that you are 58 millions of rounded, the mature population has won in the last ten years a stocking of 3,5 kilos for person. And what are even worrying: the overweight has begun to affect the children.

The concrete causes of the obesity and of your alarming advance they are difficult to sum up. The inheritance and certain metabolic, hormonal scatter - as the estrogen deficiency and thyroid hormones - and psychological - anoresia and bulimia - they are natural some of the unchaining ones of the overweight. They also play an important role the limitless usage of calories, the abuse of rich foods in fat, the calls diets garbage - pizzas, hamburgers, precocinados - and the exercise ullage. These are some habits acquired by the current society difficult to combat if one keeps in mind that, to give an example, the American children are bombarded annually with 10.000 announcements of greasy, saliferous and sweet foods.

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