Warts and chilblains: how to treat them

The warts are virósicas, since they are produced by H.P.V. or papilloma human virus. They appear in hands, knees, plants of the feet and in the face.

The treatment consists on a clinical dermatologic tracking with the application of certain topics in the affected field, and in some cases, with cryosurgery that are the extirpation of the same ones by means of the application of cold.

In the case of the plantar ones, they are usually derived to the orthopedist or traumatólogo, since they can have relationship with the form of supporting in foot.

In the case of the chilblains, they are reddish and very painful lesions that you/they appear in the hands, feet and pavilions of the ears.

They are pruriginosos, that is to say that they itch and they burn. They are accentuated a lot in the winter, since the cold the active one.

The chilblains are caused by a 'problem circulatory distal, because they appear in the extremities.

The treatment consists on the taking of compressed and in the application of creams in local form.

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