Massages anti-cellulitis!

If you have cellulitis, these massages are for you. You can practice them yourself in your home. Prove them and you will see the results.

1- Lean back and you support the enhanced fingers on a tissue portion and press it (you push down); to untie and to move as making a stepped staggered. You repeat in different fields.

2- In those smaller (as for example the field on the knee or near to the ankle) surfaces, the previous massage should only be worked with the tips of the fingers pages; you carry out an alternative short movement.

3- Another massage is carried out pinzando a knitted portion. Mantén the position counting up to 10. then, you make an ascending motion and top-down from 15 to 20 times (the fingers of a hand go up and those of the other one down). You repeat where you have cellulitis buildup.

4- You press with both hands in a small tweezer that adjoin the tissue superficially with the triangle form. To count mentally from 8 to 19 and to untie, then, the blood will flow to the field and you will correct the cellulitis buildup.

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