What exercises to make according to the type of legs

These are custom advice according to the size and the form of your legs. But this doesn't mean that they cannot be enhanced.

We offer you some recommendations to strengthen them and to beautify them of agreement with your features.

1 - if you have short and thick legs
In this case, you are of supreme importance to carry out exercises aeróbicos, at least 3 at 5
times per week. The activities aeróbicas should be varied: to run, to swim, to walk
in bicycle, to skate or to walk. You are possible that you merge all these activities, already
that the constant variation of the routines aeróbicas subjects the muscles to a bigger one
adaptation and they help to delete fat tissue. You are fundamental not to avoid the one
training with weights because the muscles will shine strengthened and, this way,
they will help to beautify the aspect of your legs.

2 - if your legs are long and thin
For this class of legs, you should carry out quick careers, classes of Sep and careers
speedy with the bicycle. To develop the muscles it is about carrying out activities of
type anaeróbico, at least three weekly trainings with weights.
Gradually it increases the weights with those that you work.

3 - if you have strong and thin legs
The possibility always exists of improving your legs, by l that you never leave aside your
trainings. You are about varying the type of athletic activity that carry out to continue
stimulating the muscles. You merge activities aeróbicas and with trainings with
weight. You vary your routines periodically and you will surprise yourself of the results.

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