What haircut suits your face?

How many times wanted to get a haircut who wears it on another person, you liked, but when you look at the result, you completely disillusioned?

This is because, depending on the type of face you have, there is a special haircut for you to see spectacular and lugs all the beauty that exists in your face.

There are five types of face: square, oval, long, round and heart-shaped. How is yours?

Courts to face type square:
The face is square as wide as long, with its greater breadth in the area of the cheeks. In this particular case, experts recommend get a haircut downgraded, and combs with a lot of texture to soften the angles.
It is also good resorting to the airwaves, as they manage to diminish in width jaws. You should also take into account the length of your hair: never shall lie at the height of the chin, you must always be above or below the same so as not to expose the way, a bit harsh.

Courts to face with heart-shaped:
This kind of face, is characterized by the forehead and cheeks wider than jaws.
If your face is in this class, you must strike a balance between the width of the upper half of your face with hairstyles that are more voluminous at the bottom.
The bay produces the side effect of making the edges a lot closer.

Suits for oval faces:
It is not easy to see this kind of expensive, there are very few.
In these cases, the forehead and jaw have the same width and the area is the most widespread of the cheekbones. If your face is within this group, you're lucky because it's the perfect way!
In this case, you can recogerte hair and lights as you want.

Cortes for elongated faces:
This kind of expensive, besides being so long, are usually very thin, without angles or prominent cheekbones.
The simplest way to disguise the length of face is to use flequillo.
Add volume to match the jaw also helps deflect the light of chin. In general, short hair works for these sides.

Cortes for expensive round:
The round faces are characterized by having as wide in front and jaws, as well as the height of the cheekbones, something like the face square but not defined angles. The Rules and soft flequillos desmechados, can add length to these faces.
The temples cleared, hair tense and volume on top of their heads are also a good resource.

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