Problems breasts with prosthesis

For a long time, silicone implants have been questioned.
Those who perform surgery with saline, may have the following problems later:

- Cracks or wrinkles
The solution is that if the prosthesis is located in front of the pectoral muscle, to put it underneath diminish wrinkles. It may also be replaced with silicone.

- Hardness or deformation
This happens because of the hardening of scars. Here it is more convenient remove the scar tissue and placing a new one.

- Leakage or seepage
In these cases you just have to get the implant and replace it with a new one.
It is important to clarify that even in this way the prosthesis is not dangerous to health, should be done by simply a matter of aesthetics and comfort.

For all this, we recommend that if you have implants, you get the revisions at least once a month.

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