What to do for children to read?

We can not say that the habit of reading is becoming extinct, but we say that is changing. In fact, in the world ever read more, only differently. The computer, Internet, text messages and others have broken into modern life by changing the attitude we had in front of the book.

Schoolchildren visiting the Web rather than the library, reading from a screen, that information may not be as complete as one that could be found at this level before.

This phenomenon is becoming more common, and requires a change in reading habits by users in ways reporting by their producers.

In one way or another, as any activity, the required reading on record to become habit. Should never be compelled to read, but it can and must be the child, making the reading or in fact of life, whatever the way they do.

The key lies in who finishes reading a part of leisure time, like watch TV or play. In very early ages are the parents who directly exercise this function. For example, read a story every night before sleeping, can be converted for the smallest in a habit of reading daily totally enjoyable. Over time, the space devoted to reading will be used more extensively, and will be the children themselves who decide when and where to read.

Although these are not toys, books must be accessible both themselves as the outside. It is necessary to remove the object status that only adorn major bookstores indeed, have to enhance the libraries themselves from birth, because a book, after being read, crosses the threshold of the purely material.

The fairs, exhibitions and libraries, can become an entertainment approach to literature to children. The idea of being surrounded by so many possibilities, the child familiar with this kind of trade and adds attractive. In addition, if given a sum of money for the purpose of electing the title you like at that time, begin to develop criteria for purchase and learn to distinguish work that prefer to purchase.

We must pay close attention to the critical age of adolescence, as great readers childhood are lost at this stage. In this case, freedom of choice will be decisive. Never should be prohibited titles. Instead, it is important to explain why this book would not be appropriate for him or her, whether the language used, and so on. This will bring their critically awakening.

An easy and affordable way to induce the habit of reading to a child, is inviting a partner at a library, accompanying them, teaching them how to choose a book, and introduce responsibility for the care and the return on the date that corresponds .

Already, when children grow, they can offer books they are reading their parents or books they read when they were teenagers, and thus share this habit that we want to inculcate.

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