Makeup Tips

We offer some tips that can help mitigate the improprieties of any kind of face.

Faces elongated
It is advisable to shorten the length of the face with horizontal lines, eye makeup and applying the colorete in the cheeks of horizontally. Likewise, the cheekbones is desirable APOC a corrector opaque in the central part of birth and hair under his nose, giving off a brochazo correction in the chin. The eyebrows should be well depiladas in straight.

Cara oval
It represents the ideal way to face. To make the oval, you are advised to emphasize especially the makeup of the eyes.

Cara round
The main objective is to lengthen the face in this case. It is darkening the sides and clarifying the center of the face, namely, lips, chin and forehead. Some tricks: the eyebrows must shape deforms straight and upward; colorete be applied in triangular shape and upwards, eye makeup should be upward, and the corner, with a tendency towards the temple. It is advisable to highlight the color slightly from the area beneath the cheekbones.

Aquiline nose
Apply a touch of shade in the area and eliminate most prominent Shines the nasal area. If the nose is too wide, should darken the sides until the birth of the eyebrows, which would clarify.

The secret to conceal dark circles is to use color more clear and give luminosity to the face.

To conceal the Venite diffuse the cheeks, is recommended corrective green that helps neutralize rojeces, then apply a base makeup.

Chin prominent
N this case, we must choose to enhance the lip. Trying to darken a bit throughout the area of the chin by applying some light below the upper lip.

Double chin
To create a feeling of sinking is due to some obscure potato brochazos makeup powders and clarify conveniently in the chin area.

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