The worst thing for your hair

A hair cut will depend on the image you want to give and the kind of face that each possesses. This will determine our style. However, there are rules, duties, which if not fulfilled your hair will be more than horrible!

That is why we give you a number of tips on what it is worse to your head and you have to avoid:

- You should never look the typical black roots in her hair dyed. Using dye, tíñete roots as often needs to be done.

The hair-cuts that have not seen scissors since the day they were made for the first time are abhorrent and will make you look bad. If you decide to make a cut or modern art, tries to attend hairdressing as possible to keep more frequently.

- The split ends, not only do bad to your hair but also denote desprolijidad.

- The remains of old standing should be avoided altogether! If you did a permanent and you may win, do not let you go alone, trying Apply a Lazio or good waves, but determines the body of your hair.

- We must avoid further melenas those who come to the buttocks.

- The appearance of very dry mop of hair. Traffic hydration with creams or different products. Today in the market are very accessible and there is much diversity.

- You should not wash your hair daily have installed very fat.

- We must not use an anti dandruff if not necessary.

- You should not take long hair if your neck is wide or too short.

- If your stature is very low, the hair is never advisable.

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