What are the appropriate shoes for every occasion?

Here is a list of the use of each of these styles of shoe female.

Shoe classic:
The fact take this shoe in particular transits sobriety and elegance. It is recommended with a wad intermediate, which ranges from 3 to 5 centimeters in height. It is especially appropriate for professionals working with the public and frequently used suit jacket in all its variants. It is also advisable to take it with simple dresses and cocktail whose long does not exceed the knee.

The format best suited to lead with pants, suit jacket and jeans cut male. With skirts, can only be used if high-heel is short and narrow. N is recommended, however, with long skirts or sportswear.

Guillermina or strap shoe with classic:
The use is more advisable for evening dresses and certain ceremonies, in the version with taco fine. The wide trousers, long skirt and jacket broadleaf also require this model, but better stick with wide.

Shoes with laces or flap:
The most suitable for daily. It combines well with skirts long, narrow flight, informal trousers and jeans. When they stick high, are ideal for suits tailored jacket.

Sandal summer:
Accepts much game with any kind of garments short, long or narrow. Never with socks or jeans.

Sandals of festival:
In both summer and winter, the elegance of strict rules dictate that must be accompanied by half.

Shoe asandaliado:
With the toe and heel uncovered deck. It is suitable for gala occasions.

They are ideal with wide trousers or long skirts. There should be used with garments to mid-calf.

Botines with taco:
They are perfect to leave at night because stylized figure, always with short skirts and informal clothes.

Botines levels:
They are best suited to accompany the safari style, bermuda, short skirts or shorts.

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