Dream of pleasure - Hidden Desires

Sometimes our own dreams surprise us. While we slept, a friend, a! it only felt that way, breaks into a different attitude to what we have with us every day. Fails to appear as loving, but it assumes an attitude of love that we find disconcerting and most strange is that we are happy. We do not want to leave the dream and we invaded a strange pleasure.
A key feature of this type of configuration, is that they are very real in terms of the rapprochement body.

Such dreams are a clear signal of our unconscious, which seeks to end the obstacles we impose on our sexual desires. But also, surely, this is the most interesting aspect, symbolizing sexual repression marked by some kind of social impediment [the protagonist's dream can be a partner or friend there may be a significant age difference).

People who are excessively careful how they can be viewed by other bs are prone to have these experiences. The warning bs true wishes is a trait that marks what most of these dreams. Just know that there are heard.

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