Dreaming of friends - How to interpret

Dreaming of friends from our childhood can mean different things. In the case that the dream is pleasant and we recognize the smooth face of our friend, symbolizes the yearning for peace and unconcern.

According to scholars, this kind of dreams to attack those who lead a life very busy and active, however veiled, and almost without being able to afford it, these people yearn for the days of childhood where their concerns and pressures were lower. They are people who over-work, especially in those who performed intellectual effort, can lead to a state of stress that could damage your body.

This is why the unconscious act delicately, preventing about the need to take life more calmly and take a little more time for leisure and recreation.

These dreams are, by and large, vivid color and with a lot of movement. You can see a game or, more common, it may happen that our friend talk to us or show us something.

Very different is the case of dreams in which it is known that the image we see is a childhood friend, and yet we can not recognize it. Until his face or his physical characteristics have changed. His voice is disconcerting.

These dreams reveal that some event or period of childhood, we are still confused and moves us. If you dream of such images, no anguish: your unconscious memory brings these memories, because you are at the optimal time in their lives to reach overcome.

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