The elemental magic

In Nature there are invisible but very real forces, able to put at the service of man.
Use these forces for its own benefit and that of mankind is an art. Know special magical practice, which communicates with spirits Elementary.

What is the Magic Elemental?
It is part of the magic that is responsible for interacting with the four basic elements: water, air, earth and fire. In some cases it is considered as a fifth element in the sun and salt. Elemental Magic has also very much in mind the three kingdoms of Nature: the ore, the plant and animal.

What starts a wizard Elementary?
Everything started to go through the test of fire, air proof and evidence of water. These three tests so temperate and allow you to enter the Great Temple of Magic.

What is the Test of Fire?
It will allow you to see the magician in a different way the three kingdoms: mineral, vegetable and animal, in that order. Acquire varying degrees of vision and clariaudiencia. But the important thing is that it will vibrate in unison with the different ways and this will allow fortified in body and soul. Understand and love most of all that surrounds it.

One can spend initiated the "Test of Fire" and then decide who withdrew. If you decide to move towards the following evidence, and not allowed back. Those who are removed, they must re reincarnated to continue in other lives by completing their initiation, and that once a magician reaches a certain level must move forward.

What is the Evidence for Water?
The initiated begins to perceive sounds, colors and expressions that go beyond the ordinary events. Was unveiled certain shapes, colors and sounds that let you know in depth the nature of things. It is time to see the aura in all beings (including minerals), to perceive the delicate sounds of nature that can only be captured through discipline and training. In turn, initiated must meet a series of steps to improve its interior. The emphasis in this period in which no adept should get carried away with what arrobas or hear or see, and it is important to continue with their normal occupations earth, not to divert their obligations and fall into delusions magical or mystical.

How is the test of Air?
Those who pass the Test of the Air must be defeated first to himself and to have overcome ambitions, envy and hatred. Only then can transpose the threshold of the Temple, after success in the Test of the Air. Prejudices, views and visions too stubborn about personal things, conspire against the realization of the opening.

The apprentice magician feel that then begins to experience a deep happiness, and that is in a situation where nothing impels him to act. Begin to listen to his superior and I shall have for him. This test is known as "air" because from the person she will not have either the momentum or outside the colors and shapes that were presented as spiritual perceptions, in the course of preparation.

Be alone and reduced solely to itself and its own forces. Many people unknowingly pass through this time. There are times when that fails them on one hand the economic, emotional, and on the other feel empty inside. If they knew that they are just in time to advance the Magic Elementary, would feel happy.

Any person can practice this kind of magic?
In some ways yes, but carefully. One thing is done deliberately Elemental Magic, taking all necessary precautions. The other way is unconscious, as did primitive man. Many people tend to see colors, with extasiarse sunsets, vibrate with nature, and so on. These are magic natural conditions given by God and, if they are just as a state of peace and love for nature, there is no danger. The real risk is to try to manipulate these forces without being prepared or spiritually or morally.

What does it mean to conjure the four elements?
The four elementary forms (fire, air, land and water) created or emanating from them, so to speak, to various entities that make real spiritual currents or invisible chains. These spirits can even cause major shocks such as hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. Elemental spirits are like small creatures that sometimes playing dangerous games.

It is necessary to address them, in order to gain mastery over them and acting as it should. No magician can be called elementary if it has not conjurado the spirits of the four elements through various rituals, which are of a very complex. Basically every ritual should conclude with a test of faith and courage.

Who can pass through a burning fire to be dominated and its Basic. Anyone who crosses a torrent of water cape or a storm at sea may avail themselves of the Basic water. To dominate the air and its Elementary, will require no fear of heights and who want to dominate the earth element must not be afraid to cross a desert or climb a mountain. The Elemental spirits are subtle but inferior, and obey only those who are brave.

What are the basic?
The people who are usually referred to as esoteric texts of Nature spirits or Elementary, are actually the original inhabitants of our planet and always existed, although its composition is etheric body and therefore virtually imperceptible to humans.

Formerly, the man knew that to have a harmonious relationship with the environment should be invoked before any activity, so as not to damage the natural environment. Over time, the human race forgot to establish communication with them and began to ecological disasters occur, the result of the neglect of men. In doing so not only destroyed the planet, but that the Basic deprived of their places of residence.

The Elementary took refuge in forests, mountains, waterfalls and other natural landscapes. They express the life of the four elements, not only on the physical level, but also in other planes! Solar System.

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