Elemental spirits are dangerous?

Yes and no. Actually it all depends on the nature of who calls. These beings tend to drag on whom invoke within their own shortcomings. If they succeed, they will be the masters who sought to dominate and become its victim. Conversely, if the person who is named in full and have spiritual strength, you can get them their virtues, as the haves and in abundance, and also have their favors.

The SILF (Basic air) are capricious and vain, but also quick and active.

The defect of the Gnomes (Basic of the land) is the gluttony and licensing, but their virtue is in its diligence and patience.

The salamanders (Basic Fire) attracted the wrath and anger, but they are also forceful and strong.

Finally, Ondina nature are cold, soft and fickle, but if faced with someone can give her gifts strong to be flexible and attentive to the images.

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