How to dress for charisma and power

The clothing is an excellent tool for producing the effect you want. It's the first thing that captures our environment. When we engage in exchanges with people they do not know too much (a job interview, prospective clients, etc.), the image that we project is the only reference point we provide to the other.

The person that we remember our side, and that impression will give you an idea about how we are. There is a form of dress that reveals a lack of security, and there is another that denotes security in oneself and mindset of success. But the most important thing is to pay attention to these codes is a first step towards changing the attitudes that lead us to failure.

If we change the style in which we presented ourselves to the world, it is because we can desautomatizar habits and correct defects. It is simpler than it believes. It requires conviction, desire to improve and objectivity to examine our conduct.

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