Palmistry - How to tell if a person is lying

The first thing to consider in one hand for how he is the person we have is the opposite way, the temperature and flexibility or strength that he conveys a greeting. A hand soft and gentle-hearted and a squeeze, reveal a lack of energy. It is possible that a person has a tendency to take advantage of others, because their limited initiative prevents it from making decisions.

As revealing details of nature, it is also important to the size of the palm. The length is measured from the base of the index finger to the first line of the wrist, but more than the measure, what really matters is the ratio between the palm and fingers, which must be balanced.

If your fingers are strikingly short, that hand shows lack of sensitivity and an excessive attachment to material goods. On the other hand, fingers too long shown a recurring tendency to live more in fantasy than in reality.

Another element to consider in the diagnosis of a character is the surface of the palm. If it is flat and at the same level as the mountains that surround it, says a person who knows how to use your spirit to overcome adversity.

A hollow palm apparent lack of aggressiveness and a sensitive personality, is common in individuals who need the backing of someone stronger to succeed in life.

A key feature is the development of the Mount of Mars. It is located in three distinct sectors of the hand: the bush or less passive; the top or asset-called field or plane of Mars.

Monte bottom: When the bush is less well developed, you must take care of the person you have in front, almost certainly because it is a violent individual. If you do not take any action that would enable it to channel his aggressive instincts, can be a real scourge. If the bush is less depressed, should also be alert. That person has trouble defending their ideas and behaves so hypocritical in public.

If it's normal, balanced between energy shows
it feels and what is done. If it is very thin, scarce energy and reveal whether it was tough, talks about a person who collects property and feelings by excessive attitude of defense or insecurity.

If the Campo de Marte is soft, indicating a quiet personality and indolent, which at all costs avoid conflicts. If you are very depressed over the general level of the hand, gives an account of concerns about the everyday. If it is high, the individual is a being full of energy channeled in a positive way.

Monte higher:
When it is well developed, not to worry. You are facing a strong individual, safe and honest. If the mountain top is too small, be careful. The person has no courage to face life and all that is concerned about is their own welfare. You can get to treason to keep what you have.

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