How to enshrine the tarot cards

This technique serves as both a letter to all the mallet.

• At the table you've chosen to work, place a white candle and turn it on.

• Take the letter or the deck, which wants to establish. Place the cards face down on the table. If this is a single letter, place it in the middle of the table. If this is all over the deck, forming rows along the table, starting from the bottom up and from right to left. The rows should have the same number of letters and you choose the amount you want.

• Pose your left hand on each deck (remember it should be upside down) for a few seconds, to match their energy to the vibration transmitting letters.

• Then begin to discover the decks of tarot one by one (if you work with the entire deck).

• Once they are all unfolded, read to themselves or say a prayer asking for strength and spiritual insight. You must choose the words.

• Turn off the sail of a blow and then collect the cards. Remember that the deck should always be wrapped in silk, preferably color purple or violet. Once wrapped, place it in a wooden box, specially designed to save the deck.

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