Philosopher's Stone - Alchemy

The alchemists designated by the name of the philosopher's stone product resulting from the completion of all operations of his art. It was the physical manifestation of spiritism, the sample of concrete and tangible efforts of the wise succeed.

There is no official record of any scientific or alchemist has achieved this great company. But that does not mean it has not happened. As we said, the alchemists were persecuted and his wisdom whenever he tried to hide.

What they do there are numerous testimonies in the form of scholars and scientists outside the Alchemy attending the realization of the philosopher's stone by some alchemists and left writings of which there is no reason to doubt.

One of the greatest scholars, Basilii Valentin, describes the Philosopher Stone: "His color is red flesh, pulling a crimson; is much heavier in what seems to be closed." Large gold, Fulcanelli, says: "For these features, Stone adds powerful chemical properties: the power of penetration firmness absolute, and a perfect indifference to chemical agents."

It is said that whoever could get to her, among other wonders, cure all diseases, achieve wealth and achieve immortality.

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