Technical liberating with angels

This method is conducted in two parts. The angels recently involved in the second stage of the technique. Work in a quiet and concentrate on what he does.

First Exercise: The recognition
The first thing you should do is pay attention to things that are always reproached. Make a list of defects that are attached. To make it easier, here we offer a series of outbreaks of negativity that often affect more frequently to people:

• Fear of disappointment, to express feelings, not to be able to perform a task efficiently.

• Perfectionism excessive pride, criticism, rejection, greed, feelings of alienation.

• Doubt, apathy, boredom, indecisiveness, loss of time, depression, lack of concentration.

• Cowardice, hatred for oneself, envy, resentment, jealousy, guilt, shame.
Examine the list. Check those items that it recognizes as constant themes in her life. Of course, reflect on what other behaviors that affect them. That will help you identify your difficulties.

Second year: The Invocation
Sit quietly with their hands on their hearts. Let your feelings to charge full consciousness. Begins to breathe rhythmically and match. Then, once you've reached a deep relaxation, reading: "Guardian Angel, I need your help. Come to me."

Think it must learn to forgive yourself, to overcome their mistakes with patience and effort. Try to reconcile with the weak points of your personality.
When you succeed in projecting its outdoor and indoor warm and harmonious feelings toward yourself, your Angel Liberator was revealed.

Maybe not seeing it as a specific figure, but feel his presence. Every time you are cruel to himself, the angel will help change attitudes. Gradually, their self-esteem will be strengthened and the voice will have no negative space in your life.

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