The signs of air and its faults

Not to be true to themselves
Mentally par excellence, will not lose the opportunity to go to the past or the future in an effort to seek changes and investigate what is not understood. Are concerned about the enigma that house within itself. The faults that are victims of the order of interiority. Surge in them when they fail to meet their own goals of life. They are the victims of their own concerns and domestic debts.

The pound native of spends is the softening rough, calling for reconciliation everywhere, where fights and discussions threaten to destroy peace. Then, to the extent that they do not succeed in creating harmony among people feel the guilt of not fulfilling the mission for which he was born, to harmonize opposites.

The maximum native of Aquarius is to rely on itself and its warrant to remain true to itself, whatever the cost, So is led maintain a complete lack of commitment to practical life to conserve leitmotif of his conduct. While betray himself, will become prey to frustration and guilt.

The case of Gemini is in part similar to those above, there is in these natives a permanent search for truth and the effort to discover it. This makes it go so many ways, not finalized any, safe and leave the possibility to change course. However, his inconstancy, indecision and scattering can cause a feeling of guilt.

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