The signs of fire and its faults

Do not ever feel guilt
Fun experiences, opportunities to live and play by nature seek to be passionate about living the moment. The Fire is the four elements of the most positive, and I represent the will. In the verses of the Fire will correspond to the wishes of the Ego, hence the natives tend to lack of guilt, because what prevails in them is their willingness to do what they please.

Aries can be up to inconsiderate. The Ariane for life is subject to the authorization of a domestic imperative that pushes it to proceed with the law in your will. As this will not recognize nor outer fence of the will of others, the native is free of any consideration. Antidiplomático, does not mind the means but the end, his slogan will be the world impose its own law.

Live and let live is the motto of Leo. Optimistic, independent and with extraordinary vitality, strength of will reach the maximum degree. His tactic is to keep away from his life to interfere with all that. Ignore the feeling of gratitude.

The native of Sagittarius feels little changed some disdain for morality, never hesitate to impose its own moral law and to feel the greater of the natives of the zodiac. Masters of living, the fault is outside their expertise.

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