The signs of water and its faults

To defraud others
Always mired in an emotional vision of life, feel more inclined to "play" the blame, sometimes as a habit. Signs of Water have an dependency marked with the world around them.

Thus, a native of Scorpio live feed of psychological those around him, they possess the "gift" to tie the neighbor on which exercises all of its magnetism. This energy it receives from abroad returned in equal intensity, when and how you want. But to feel forced to attend other, feel the guilt of preventing delivery.

For his part Cancer is a sign that implores aid and protection of the environment and get through the energy it receives. They act by copying the world around them, imitating and extracting from it as necessary. However, feel the guilt of not being sufficiently supportive through his actions.

Pisces, the most destitute of the signs of water, as it is sensitive to any vibration psychic who comes from surrounding environment, want to be treated with deference and receive all the special considerations of someone out of the ordinary.

With great acumen chooses to persons of which were then converted into tools or victims, for their brutal selfishness or sense of reality. Then, to load them with the martyrdom of not being valued. It was too concerned by the suffering of others and himself, then begin its biggest blame.

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