Agata to be matched in love

Beginning Saturday, noon every two weeks, place the stone agate supported above the Druze for half an hour while making a handful of salt in his hands gently rubbed his palms against each other.
Then take your hands between the agate, and always rubbing, bring it up to put it under a jet of cold water, salt simultaneously cleaning the stone and his hands.

Finally, place the agate in point for your sign (see box), arguing in some way to keep in that position (adjusted with clothes, a tape, etc.). For another half hour.
Of the 15 days that this work will last at least four must strike talk by telephone with the person you love while you have the agate in the above-mentioned position.

After two weeks, disarmament and the Druze carry over the ten stones used in this work. The loved one will soon be up.

The stones and the zodiac, which must implement the gems according to each sign of the zodiac.
The points where the energy of a person are common to all. But each astrological sign determines what is best for each. With respect to love, the points where the gems support for the energy exchange are:

Aries: Top of the head.
Taurus: Between the eyes.
Gemini: On the lips closed.
Cancer: On the throat.
Leo: On the chest where they meet the clavicles. Virgo: About the heart.
Libra: solar plexus (under the ribs).
Scorpio: On the center of the belly.
Sagittarius: The navel.
Capricorn: Up to the beginning of the pubis.
Aquarium: At the center of the pubic bone.
Pisces: On the pelvis.

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