Crystals for love

The energy of the stones can become very essence and elixir to maintain day after day the energy balance and away the sadness and thus be ready for a new love. To prepare for this elixir put no fewer than 10 small quartz crystals of a different variety in a glass of pure glass, filled halfway with water.

It leaves the sun between 8 and 11 am. The sun's rays penetrate the liquid and stones, the water will be charged and vibrant energy in the frequency of the color of the stones used.
It then must be stored in this elixir bottles sterilized (albeit through the process of boiling it for more than 5 minutes), preferred dropper having peak.

It can be used pouring drops directly on the tongue every day.
To preserve the elixir for a long time, you can add three tablespoons to a half-bottle of liquor (brandy or cognac, preferably), and store in cool, dark. The drink is imbued with the properties of the crystals.

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