Alterations of development

One of the things that most concerns parents is that their son walk with their feet inward or outward. The former is much more prevalent than the latter and is related to a provision of the hip different (forward), but absolutely normal, forcing the child to rotate the feet when walking. Generally, the hip is well positioned to puberty, and then corrects the child spontaneously how to tread.

Walk with your feet toward the outside is often a symptom of change in the hip, and to remedy the problem is first necessary to tackle the cause. This disorder is usually far less than the previous one. It is normal that the child turn a bit when your feet start to walk. As yet has no integrated system of balance in the brain, is looking for a way of stepping on to provide him with security. Do not worry: the solution comes with time.

The record of visits to the trauma it has the flatfoot. Now the parents consult more, and that's fine, but they often worry about things that are fixed as the child grows. Sometimes taking babies for four months because they have no bridge, where the norm is just that, the arch is filled with fat.

In fact, unless the disorder exists at birth, or if the small has a hip problem, do not worry until the child has not completed three years, when the foot is beginning to acquire its final structure . In the view of many specialists, there is a tendency to prescribe templates to correct defects, such as flat feet are normal until the foot has not been developed.

More important is to use templates to wear proper footwear. The parents claimed. They prefer that their children will indicate the use of templates to tell them that they should not do anything because the children, for the moment, have a normal foot. Stay more relaxed. What needs to change is the philosophy of footwear. Not everything on the market is right and the first task of parents is to learn to choose well.

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