Disorders of the feet

More serious are the alterations of the feet that are already at birth. One is the clubfoot men or horses. The foot is down and leaned toward her inside. Fortunately, now all children without exception are considered by the pediatrician or neonatologist in the first minutes of life, and problems like this, which require urgent medical intervention, are detected at an early stage.

The correction of the foot zambas is practiced in several stages. It begins in the early months and usually end once the child walks. The first is plastered piececitos for three or four months, and then, coinciding roughly with the sixth month of life, we practice for an operation corrected the Achilles tendon, which is shorter than on a normal footing.

If this is done at the right time, is simple, and children tend not to remain interned more than three days. Once the little walk, go back and go through the operating room for him to make a few tweaks.

The process is lengthy and requires the cooperation of parents, who must be patient and constant. The rule in this situation and in general, orthopedic child must be carefully select a doctor who offers trust and follow him until the total correction of the disorder. All the specialists we worth of exercises, splinting and plasters but we can vary the order, and we must ensure that the child does not lose time medical doctor.

Another of the disorder is a congenital foot level, which is colloquially called "rocker foot", because it has invested the arch of the foot. The only possible method of correction is surgery.

The foot cavo usually appears after the age of four. It has excess plantar arch and fingers in the form of punchy, and often is associated with a neurological disorder character. Some children need surgery during childhood to prevent future aches in adulthood.

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