Angels and saints

Emissaries of God since the world was created, the angels are luminous forces that guide us in our way, we turn away from evil, and bring us closer to divinity. We constantly receive messages from our guards and prolectores, namely interpret them is very helpful for the solution of our problems.

• Studies Angelica. Reveal the means for communication with the angels can be established, the powers and invocations to be made depending on the type of help is needed. The angels who are living energies to their protection, activate the powers that are dormant inside us.

• Lives of Saints. Allow the recognition of the spiritual master, his teachings and messages of salvation. Knowing his life and personality favors the divine contact.

• Santeria Afro-Brazilian. Umbanda, Quimbanda, Candomblé, Yoruba. Jobs, offices. Spells and Counterspell.

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