Twin souls - Your karma and evolution

Many people have the idea that the union with the soul mate is easy, when it is a question of learning. The souls evolve in isolation and often happen that do not recognize his companion for being involved in other relationships necessary for its development.

The knowledge of karma makes it easier to find the soul mate. This is not just the couple, we can find our brother or sister, at our son or our best friend. The feeling more clear at the time of the encounter is intense and indescribable feeling of recognition and identification of universal love.

The goal is to help each other and evolve when they have to balance their energies yin (female) and yang (male), then, is to join reencontrarán forever. But for this recognition possible, we must prepare. Here we present two fundamental methods.

• Cleaning the Aura. Technique to release the karma of the astral body. Purifies the vibrational field, boosting the attraction of twin souls.

• Prayers and Psalms. To come into contact with the divine order and release negative aspects of the self.

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