As combat the heat in pregnancy

Along with the invention of the turbo fan and air conditioning, showers and baths are the best to alleviate the despondency and suffocation caused by high temperatures.

Put under a jet of cold water and other temperate immediately provides welfare, because it cools and activates blood circulation, which in pregnancy is slower. During working hours, women can obtain a benefit similar submerging their arms in cold water and putting wet cloths on the forehead and neck. If hydrotherapy is repeated several times throughout the day, it is possible that blood pressure is stabilized.

In recent months pregnant, it is normal to feel the very heavy legs, and even that will swell a little. The disorder is relieved by sitting a few minutes with the body leaning back and legs elevated.
Rest is very necessary. The pregnant woman should know that the exercise continued, albeit moderate, decreases the blood supply that reaches the fetus as much as 25 percent (depending on the intensity) and that, therefore, it should be pausing for a half hour throughout the day. These periods are ideal for relaxing moments with the exercises learned in the course of maternal education, it should use them.

The clothes more comfortable at this time is that of cotton, linen or silk, all natural fabric. Synthetic fabrics, like the dark colors, warm. A garment with a mixture of both can be tolerated if the percentage of fiber does not exceed 30 percent. The shoes should be wide enough so as not to hinder the movement.

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