A fresh diet for pregnancy

The great alternative to the lack of appetite itself is the hot days in the cold dishes. "You can eat vegetables in salads, soups and cold dishes of fruit and vegetables, which are refreshing and potassium removed replenished with perspiration," explains our consultant nutritionist, Dr. Elizabeth Zamarrón.

If the pregnant woman does not want to cook at noon, there is no problem with resorting to the plate only. But it has to contain vitamins, carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

"For example, you can combine cold salad with grilled chicken, cheese or tuna, pasta with minced meat or meat or fish with a lot of garrison," said the specialist.

Creams or cold soups, salads, meat and fish on the plate are a perfect choice for dinner. In recent months, should drink a liter of water (or juice) than usual.

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