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The human body, as well as plants and animals, radiates a powerful energy called the aura. Most of the religions of the world maintains the existence of a sort of brightness emanating around the person, who may be captured by those who have developed their perception Extrasensory.

Jesus and other figures from the spiritual world are represented with a halo of light around, just as there are mentions and stories in the Old Testament and other religious literature such as books Vedic Hindu, Buddhist books, indigenous groups and various philosophical, as the Rosicrucian and Theosophical, which describe in detail the human energy field.

Technological input
Beyond these perceptions in charge of vision, mental, meditators, or priests, the technology provided a new and extraordinary opportunity: to photograph the aura or energy. According to scientific verification, it can be argued that the body not only consists of a physical structure but is composed of several bodies and energy fields.
That may be precisely photographed by Kirlian camera.

The camera, which is named after the scientist who discovered it, to obtain images of the colors that radiates a living body, whose analysis can determine, even in advance, a number of diseases that manifest themselves first at the level of energy and then in the physical. With this discovery is achieved, then, preventing illnesses of all kinds.

How to photograph auras
The aura has two complementary forces: Yin, who is colored blue, and Yan, pink. When these forces are in balance, the person is healthy. When unbalanced, is synonymous with disease.

The aura is composed of energy produced by particles bioplasmáti brands, which vibrate and fluctuate as if they were clouds of colors, among which are red, orange, yellow, blue, green, violet, indigo and white. These colors are also entremezclsan, forming new shades, each of which is associated with an organ of the body.

The way to photograph the aura of home is so relatively simple, although it is clear that they should not expect the precise results of a real Kirlian camera.

Typically, their hands are chosen as part of the body to be photographed to record the aura, as some of the toes the line clearly appears bright and colorful.

To carry out these searches can be adapted to the camera with commonly available in any home, proceeding as follows:

-Ask for collaboration to a person of trust, which will lend its hand (you can also choose another body part) for shooting.

-A around noon, ask the person with that part of his body to record (either the hand or head, for instance) block the sun.

-Take your camera and stir until the picture is slightly out of focus. (You can also try to cover the lens with transparent cellophane).

-Take photographs and send to disclose.

How to interpret
In general, the colors that appear around the figure photographed reveal very important information regarding the status of the person. It is highly likely that, if you followed the directions outlined, it obtains a picture with a border of bright color, that is, the aura of energy.

In all cases, clarity and continuum reflecting welfare. By contrast, the lines are interrupted or darken, are a sign of discomfort.
Proceed to interpret the aura as follows:

Red, Aura: refers to the spine and kidneys.

Aura-Orange shows us what happens to the reproductive system.

Aura-Yellow represents the stomach, pancreas, liver, gallbladder and nervous system in general.

Aura-Green: reveals the state of the thymus gland, heart, blood and the circulatory system in general.

Aura-indigo: relates to the pituitary, brain and the right eye.

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