Meditation to overcome bad mood

The routine imposes many situations that vary the morale of the people. A discussion, a novelty, a misunderstanding generate a feeling of unease that does not refer only to the physical. A simple-exercise helps us to overcome the unpleasant sensation, thus avoiding any negative consequences that would:

* Sitting, begin by breathing deeply and paused to feel that the lungs become increasingly widen.

* Massage the feet, legs, abdomen, chest, neck, face, temples, feel how the muscles are loosening.

* Turn your neck to one side and another, move the jaw in a circular shape to the right, then left.

* When you have achieved a state of complete physical relaxation, close your eyes and mentally repeat: "From this moment all the negative thoughts away from me, I will feel good. Although it is difficult to tell me with total capacity for transformation alegresy a positive idea. "

* Once you have full awareness of words that was said to yourself, visualize your own body wrapped in a cloud of soot, all you notes and plays around him is a dark color. You walk heavily without direction, collides again and again, encountered, the lungs do not stand breathing black smoke, and yet continues. Suddenly heard a clear voice that calls it and guide it to a door. Without doubt, you open the door and beyond.

A shower of fresh water cleans your body. When you can see clearly notes that faces a field of infinite pastel-colored flowers. You smell a flower and another in a slurp takes clean air, full of color. Gradually his lungs is evicted and the smoke was cool. You feel lighter: a flow of positive energy it crosses from the soles of his feet up his mind to provide you good thoughts and feelings.

Repeat the exercise every time the bad mood it creates unrest and negative thoughts; practicing this visualization achieved relax, purify and what adverse trasmutar positive.

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