Deviation of the legs

The arched legs, genu in men, according to the medical terminology, are one of the reasons most often arise in the consultation of the orthopedist. In many cases the cause is a deficiency of vitamin D and calcium, or a symptom of rickets. The problem is corrected as soon as the small receives the necessary input of these nutrients.

At other times the legs because warp has taken the baby to walk before they were prepared to do so. These children, especially if they are chubby, they will have their legs twisted around the 14 or 16 months.
Less frequent than the two previous cases is that the deviation is caused by an alteration of the cartilage growth.

In this case, the bones of the legs grow more on one side than the other and often needed to correct with surgery but, sometimes, splinting or simply put a brace at night.

From the second year of life, to a greater or lesser degree, all children have the legs in the form of X (genu worth), that is, knees together and feet apart. In these cases, the orthopedist may prescribe some wedges in shoes that force the legs to straighten out.

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