Dreaming of gifts Meaning and Interpretation

Usually, the gifts show good omens, as well as a tribute or recognition of those who offer such services. But if the awakening, a sense of anxiety pervades us, is an indication that we are not being honest with ourselves about what we feel for the author's gift.

Sometimes it happens that the gifts are ill wishes toward us, bringing to light the envy or the arrogance of those who performed in such situations, upon receiving the gift feel great unease in a dream and we must focus on the message that we are unconscious warning about a danger. In these cases, the images are very bright, yet poorly defined.

Even at times, is just one angle of the face of the person who gives us the gift. This type of dream is very close to being premonitory, only that it has sonant in a vigil suspicion and what we discovered in the dream did not take it by surprise.

Familiar faces
If the gift is someone we know in terms of reality shows that the sonant is determined to go to the bottom in the relationship with the person in question, either in good or not. These dreams are related to timely facts of everyday life.

What is important is that whatever the causes, the sonant is clear that to take any determination with respect to that person.
If the gift offered is a jewel, far from the conventional meaning can be given to this kind of present, which symbolizes the world of dreams is that whoever offers it seeks some form of restraint on the part of sonant.

If we see a person we know only of view, with which we have not talked to us and gives away a soft object, like a flower or something of material, indicates that we are prepared a new relationship. It means that we have lost our fears and we will succeed, either as sentimental as in the workforce

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There are cases in which those who offer us the gift looks to the side and not directly in the eye, avoiding the gaze. This type of dream is quite unusual. The sonant feels he has not been fair to that person. Then the unconscious brings to light what the reasoning hide. In the realm of dreams we know that we do evil to someone.

If, moreover, we accept the gift that makes us such a person, I mean that we live in a period of autoafir-mation. If, however, rejects the gift is a sign that the self-esteem is low and the unconscious is working to stop seeing the limitations and personal insecurities.

In the event that gives away who is a famous person, what is revealed is the desire of the sonant to break with the limits of their current existence. If you have this kind of dreams are not venture at the first opportunity to occur. Your unconscious is making a difference between its actual conditions and would like to have. To act with restraint.

There is another option in dreams with gifts that require a greater effort of interpretation. We refer to the characters unknown. Behind an unknown face is the face of someone who does not want to see. This is one of the basic premises of the interpretation of dreams. Many times their faces are related to a past that we do not want to remember or to a fact that we could not overcome.

When we dream that a stranger makes us a gift, we must focus on the subject in order to discover who is the person who hides behind that
face and what this means. If an object is small, this is someone who has underestimated us and our self-esteem has dropped significantly at some point in particular. Perhaps a leader who we felt inept or a teacher who reproved us.

The inability to recognize the person indicates that we still seem confrontational and that we are moving in the present, by a similar moment. If you have this kind of dreams do not miss the experience they give you for not making the same mistakes.

When the gift is something that we want with intensity, we must look for its meaning in a relationship that was truncated and may difference for some unimportant or not a misunderstanding occurred. The unconscious expresses strong dissatisfaction and a desire to reverse this situation. Think about the relationship of the couple and the friends he had in the past, there you will find the key that you are signaling their unconscious.

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