Governed by Venus' Charm relentlessly "

It's like obsessed with the whole world. He is an expert in the art of seduction, but it performs this task as if it were an obligation. It is always in a good mood (at least so they see each other) and knows a lot of people, without getting anyone's real friend. Cares about that harmony reigns.

What it creates anxiety
Need to draw attention. He fears being indifferent to others and hates boredom. His weakness is a tendency to get carried away and pretend it appear to others. That will generate strong disappointments and conflicts of identity.

Exercise auloconocimiento
To overcome such frivolity that it brings no satisfaction, you should try to realize his true identity. That will allow it to dominate this anxiety by being watched and admired as an object. Practice this exercise: Lie on a mat and give several turns on itself. If this activity practiced with consistency, bringing awareness to achieve it.

The remedy: Flower Centaury
Bach flower to the anxiety provoked by the desire to seduce and to create harmony. To take it, follow the instructions in the leaflet that accompanies this flower. You can get it at pharmacies with homeopathy and business naturists.

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